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had to be able to hit and touch her butt, and improve the drag on the screen!Improve sensitivity when moving your finger on the screen, this on Android.

On android it's just blue

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The sounds are really good, add more.

Is there a bonus cumshot and/or her screaming or something for getting the pleasure meters to climax simultaneously?


"simple" interavtive porn game" *crashes my computer* yeh defiantly SIMPLE  but at least it works now :D


Yeah like holy shit lol


XD, X2, a mi hasta me crasheo el Internet X"D´nt


So, are there plans for doing other ponies, or are you just doing Pinkie (pun totally intended)?


Hm, not for now
Just Pinkie

pretty decent! Sadly the android version lags a lot (probably my device but still...) :/


this is nostalgic

reminds me of those newgrounds porn games

This is great, but I really wish it had an automatic mode instead of needing to move the mouse.

You can click the double headed arrow button for automatic mode

I don't see a double headed arrow button. The only two with arrows are penetrate and change position.

I think you are playing the older version

That was indeed somehow the problem. Checked again and there was an update. Thanks.

Massive resource problems with Firefox 69 (hehe) works with Chrome 77 but the resource usage still seems very high.

So, what's the difference between the Public and Patreon version? More options?

It has a little more clothes (including bondage features) and you can change clothes for each parts

(I'm sorry for late reply)

Does the game support on Android

Deleted 3 years ago

No it does not work for me

ah, sorry, my bad, it seems Unity WebGL doesn't support mobiles

Awww ok thank you for letting me know


It doesn't appear to work. I tried launching it once and it crashed Itch, any attempts after have failed to launch.

Yea... it doesn't work on some environments, I don't know why...
Please make sure your browser supports latest WebGL and is up to date
You can download the stand-alone version here if it still doesn't work, it's free

If it still doesn't work please tell me its details

Doesn't work with Firefox 69 on Linux Mint 19.

Works fine for Chrome 77 tho